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Intellectualism at the roadside – a quirky response to “Confessions & Professions of an Accidental Academic”, the Inaugural Lecture of Prof. Anthea Garman.

Professor Anthea Garmans articulation of the inextricable relationship between the public and the personal, the intellecttual and the emotional, the creative and the academic blew me away. I realised then that Intellectualim does not have to come at the expense of emotions but emotions, unsteady as they are, can rather be seen to enhance the process, to make it valuable and beautiful.

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It’s not a podcast, it’s an African Podumentary

The African Agenda News is what you might call a “Podumentary”- It has elements of a punchy podcast, combined with the evergreen content of a documentary. Unlike the BBC Africa podcasts that are about 5 minutes in length, ANA episodes can be up to 30-50 minutes long. Topics covered range from African wildlife, an episode on the passing of the late Ahmed Kathrada, stories about African Literature and even an interview with local language experts like Russel Kaschula.